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Twitch Plays Metal Gear Is a Hilarious Disaster

Metal Gear is one of the most iconic games in history, not just because of its popular modern releases, but also because of its rich and colourful back-catalogue. We've ...

22 mins ago

Google’s Deep Dreaming Makes Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Terrifying!

The art of teaching computers how to see is truly incredible, the amount of processing that needs to be done to identify shapes and patterns is staggering, but our brains ...

1 hour ago

Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Coming to All Platforms

CD Projekt Red have been a shining beacon of hope to the gaming community, a prime example of how great a developer can be. The Witcher 3 is a great game, but the ...

3 hours ago
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Suqare Enix

Square Enix Pulls Plug on OS X Final Fantasy 14

Pulling game sales after a failed launch seems to be a more common occurrence. Square Enix has announced that they will be pulling the Mac version of Final Fantasy 14 A ...

4 hours ago

Realtek DRAGON LAN Chip Spotted

The onboard Local Area Network (LAN) is a massively overlooked part of your system; most users tend to buy on the impulse of shiny heatsinks, colour scheme or maybe ...

5 hours ago
Intel Skylake CPU

Intel Skylake and Z170 Motherboard Release Date Revealed

Some people are waiting with high anticipation for Intel to release their newest platform, Skylake, while others don't care as much as they've recently upgraded to the ...

5 hours ago

AMD Finds Root Cause of Fury X Pump Noise

AMD has just released a statement to LegitReviews explaining why the press samples and first batch of retail units experienced whining issues: "We have received feedback ...

6 hours ago

KLEVV CRAS 2133MHz 16GB DDR4 Memory Kit Review

Introduction Memory, the most vital part of any computer that gets overlooked the most. There's not a lot to say about RAM apart from its expensive and very ...

7 hours ago

Hacker Dev Kit Offers Affordable Open Source VR

The Open Source VR project is a gaming-centric programme which gives developers free rein to create games for a number of head mounted displays. Spearheaded by major ...

8 hours ago
Samsung 2TB 850 PRO 850 EVO SSD

Samsung Launches 2TB 850 Pro and 850 EVO SSDs

Super sized SSDs are not new as both SanDisk, Intel, as others have launched 2TB SATA SSDs already. However, those drives have all been enterprise or server oriented. ...

9 hours ago

Burnout Paradise Coming Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

An interesting Tweet cropped up today, that may mean we see the return of the iconic Burnout Paradise. Unfortunately, this isn't a HD remake, or anything that fancy, but a ...

11 hours ago

Akira Trailer Remade With Simpsons Characters

I've seen my fair share of random internet videos, but every now and then, something rather special crops up and distracts me from technology. Almost everyone loves a bit ...

12 hours ago

Lets Get Ready To Robot Rumble!

Gundam, Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan. If you've recognised those three names, you'll be aware of the thing they have in common. Giant Robots. In response to this ...

14 hours ago
microsoft edge silverlight

Microsoft’s Edge Browser Will Not Support Silverlight

When Microsoft announced that it would replace its old Internet Explorer browser with a brand new one, everyone was intrigued to say the least. Dubbed Edge, the new ...

15 hours ago
Nudity Alg

New Algorithm Detects Nudity in Images

An algorithm has been compiled which analyses colour images and flags anything deemed to be nude content. The website, launched this month and allows users ...

17 hours ago

AMD’s Revenue Expectations Reduced

AMD's growth forecasts have been downgraded from 8% to 3% for the second quarter which ended on July 17th. The company attributes this scaling back of commercial ...

17 hours ago
Amazon package

Amazon Promises Huge Sale to Prime Members on July 15th

Amazon has launched its latest incentive to lure customers into the Prime service and now offering the subscription at a reduced cost of £59 for a limited period. Current ...

18 hours ago

Dreamhack LAN Event Coming to London This Year!

Have you heard about DreamHack? You haven't? Well, you should know that it is the biggest computer festival in the world! The best part about it is that it will be hosted ...

20 hours ago

CleanSpace One to Use Pac-Man Approach for Cleaning the Atmosphere of Debris

CleanSpace One, the project involved in finding a solution for cleaning up our atmosphere, was tasked to find the most efficient way of getting rid of the old SwissCube ...

21 hours ago

Minecraft’s 1.9 Update Brings a Lot of New Features to the Title

Minecraft's 1.9 Update has been recently revealed at MineCon in London, bringing a lot of changes and new features to the title. Dubbed 'The Combat Update', it adds a lot ...

22 hours ago
tesla with elon musk

Musk Donates $7 Million to Future of Life Institute for AI Risk Research

It is no secret that Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX, as well as other people, is concerned where the current unsupervised and at times reckless efforts in ...

23 hours ago
happy forest tech demo ue4

Check out This Awesome Real-Time Tech Demo for Unreal Engine 4!

Unreal Engine 4 is currently one of the most appreciated engines in the gaming industry, not just because of its incredibly gorgeous fire, smoke and ice effects, but also ...

1 day ago

Is a New Google Glass Model Being Tested?

An intriguing FCC filing has been submitted by Google under the codename FCC ID A4R-GG1. Usually, the FCC's EUT label is quite specific and outlines the product ...

1 day ago

Warner Bros Montreal Might Be Working on Open World Superman Game

It doesn't take much to get the rumour mill running these days, but I have to say that this is one that I'm particularly excited about. A new screenshot published on ...

1 day ago

Gionight Shows off With GTA V Modded Screenshots

The modder Gionight is best known for his amazing and incredible work with Skyrim and that games modding ability and now it looks like he's taken a shine to Grand Theft ...

1 day ago