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Obama Says the Sony Hack Wasn’t An “Act of War”

President Obama is once again talking about the hack on Sony Pictures, where he has said that the cyberattack on the Japanese electronics giant was not an “act of ...

3 hours ago

Samsung Teases Its 34-inch Super-Wide 21:9 3440×1440 LCD

Samsung is showing off its beautiful new 34-inch 3440×1440 LCD, which features a beautiful super-wide 21:9 aspect ratio. The South Korean giant teases that this curved ...

4 hours ago

HTC One M8 Spotted With Android 5.0 Lollipop + Sense

HTC fans, prepare your excitement: Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming soon, and damn does it look nice on the One M8 with Sense 6.0. HTC leaker LlabTooFeR is behind the leaks, ...

5 hours ago

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

Introduction The new Corsair RGB series launched recently. Following on from their successful range of mechanical RGB keyboards, such as the K70 RGB which we reviewed, you can ...

6 hours ago
notch's mansion

Notch’s New Mansion Created in Minecraft

After becoming obscenely wealthy from the sale of Minecraft to Microsoft, Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of the game, outbid Jay Z to buy a luxurious Beverly Hills ...

6 hours ago
Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 18.23.42

BitTorrent has Offered to Stream ‘The Interview’

Popular torrent service BitTorrent has said that they’ll gladly stream ‘The interview’ – the movie said to be behind the massive North Korea hack ...

8 hours ago

Watch: Ad Campaign Completely Shot With iPhone 6 Plus

Luxury skincare brand Erno Laszlo had their entire Christmas ad campaign filmed with the iPhone 6 Plus. Ad agency Truth NYC produced the ad exclusively with Apple’s ...

10 hours ago

Delusional Grand Theft Auto V Player Calls Ambulance Over Imagined Shooting

A man who called 999 to report a shooting at his house was in a ‘confused’ state after playing Grand Theft Auto V, a court heard last week. Back in November, 25-year old ...

10 hours ago
ac unity bug

Ubisoft’s Free Game Compensation Comes With a Catch, Because It’s Ubisoft

As a gesture of good faith to anyone unfortunate enough to have bought a season pass for the bugfest that is Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Ubisoft recently offered customers a ...

10 hours ago

Katsuhiro Harada Hints at Tekken 7 Coming to PC?

Tekken 7 is still deep in development, but details are starting to emerge about the latest entry in the iconic brawl-em-up. We already know that the game will be powered by ...

12 hours ago

Sony Pushing PlayStation Camera This Christmas

The PlayStation Camera for the PlayStation 4 took a very different approach than Microsoft did with their latest Kinect, but it seems Sony are steadily coming out on top for ...

13 hours ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 10.38.27

Watch: Star Wars Trailer in GTA V – Without Mods

Someone attempted to recreate the Star Wars trailer in GTA V. Now of course, without making any modifications to the game, you’d think that would be a pretty difficult ...

16 hours ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 09.31.55

First Drone Launched From FAA Test Site Crashes

The first drone to be launched from the FAA’s test facility in Nevada crashed almost immediately. The facility is intended to test drones for their entry into commercial ...

17 hours ago

Podcast Network Announces New Year 24hr Charity Streaming Marathon, the tech-centric podcast network founded by former TechTV ‘The Screen Savers’ host Leo Laporte, has announced their annual 24 hour charity streaming ...

17 hours ago

MSI Shows Off Its New Z97I Gaming ACK mini-ITX Motherboard

MSI has just revealed its sexy new black-and-red mini-ITX motherboard, the Z97I Gaming ACK. What we have here is a small form factor (SFF) motherboard that will make your SFF ...

21 hours ago

Nintendo Boss Starts Talking About Next-Gen Nintendo Console

It looks like we can expect Nintendo to start talking about its next-gen console in 2015, with Nintendo boss Shigeru Miyamoto talking about the next-gen Nintendo console ...

22 hours ago

Star Citizen Creator Says Space Sims Are “Finally Getting the Love They Deserve”

Chris Roberts, the creator behind Star Citizen, is one humble fellow. He has come out talking about the launch of Elite: Dangerous, where he gave a big congratulations to the ...

23 hours ago

Need to Land a Plane? There’s an iPad App for That

Xavion, an iPad app used by pilots to plan flight paths, is due to receive an update that will allow it to land a plane without its pilot. The app is designed for pilots of ...

1 day ago

US Judge Says Cops Can Create Fake Instagram Accounts To Spy On Photos

Hmm. New Jersey district judge William Martini has said that police officers don’t require search warrants in order to create fake Instagram accounts to see a ...

1 day ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 17.57.09

BlackBerry Working With Boeing on ‘Black Phone’ That Runs Android

BlackBerry has said that it is supporting Boeing with the development of its Boeing Black Phone – a highly secure smartphone intended to be used by government and ...

1 day ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 19.58.30

Kim Jong Un Game Still Going Ahead, Gets Sony Pictures Level

‘Glorious Leader!’ a game about Kim Jong Un, is still going ahead despite the potential threat from North Korea following the Sony cyber attack. It’s ...

1 day ago
laser bullet

US Defense Department Develops Bullet That Can Change Direction Mid-Air

The US Defense Department has developed a laser-guided bullet that can change its trajectory in mid-air to follow a moving target. The .50-calibre EXACTO bullet – and ...

1 day ago

Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Multi-Format Wireless Headset Review

Introduction It’s fairly common for gamers to own more than one console, and when you’re ready to play online, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to ...

1 day ago

Instagram Spam Purge Jettisons Millions of Accounts

Since its popularity rocketed, photo-sharing platform Instagram has been plagued with spam accounts. To rectify the problem, Instagram staged a massive purge of users it ...

1 day ago
mobile network

Mobile Network Vulnerability Means Hackers Could Listen in to Calls

A vulnerability in mobile networks has been discovered that allows hackers to monitor phone calls and track user locations. The weakness, part of the SS7 global mobile ...

1 day ago